19 because it’s my favourite number. Enjoy these random nuggets about me.

1. my favourite childhood memory is

Being silly with my older sister, Kate. I still can’t listen to Real McCoy’s “Another Night” without absolutely cracking up. We had that song on a ‘Dance Hits 1995’ album which we must’ve played to death. Kate used to make me sing all the manly bits!

2. my highest score on University Challenge is

7. That’s right, seven correct answers. Not bad going for someone who didn’t even go to university! The points were accumulated during the show which was broadcast on the 18th September 2017. I put my success down to a combination of actual intelligence and educated guesswork. Favourite bonus rounds included “Smelling Salts in Victorian Literature”, “Banana Cultivation” and “Courtiers of Elizabeth I”.

3. my favourite animal is

My dog. You only need to look at my Instagram feed to see how much I love Fergus. By the way, he has his own Instagram page if you want to give him a cheeky little follow! @fergus_thewhiteschnauzer

4. my new favourite word is

One I picked up on a recent trip to Copenhagen…

“Hyggily” { pronounced hoo-gulli }.

Hygge‘ { pronounced hoo-ga } is the Danish people’s state of being. It’s woven into the fabric of their culture. It is finding the pleasures in simple things. It is a feeling of cosiness, happiness and contentment. It’s hanging out with friends in your favourite coffee shop. It’s enjoying a bottle of wine with a lover. It’s pulling up your favourite socks, lighting candles and reading a book. It’s whatever makes you smile. So when something is ‘hyggily’ it makes you feel all warm, fuzzy and cosy inside. I believe it’s something we should all feel at least once a day.

5. my last record I listened to uninterrupted was

The ‘God First’ album by Mr Jukes.

It’s one of my favourite releases from 2017. I’ve been a Bombay Bicycle Club fan from when they released their debut album back in 2009. So when I heard that the Jack Steadman, the front man from Bombay Bicycle Club had launched a solo project under the guise of Mr Jukes I was very excited to hear it. Mr Jukes doesn’t fail to disappoint. It has a retro soulful groove to it. Perfect for a Sunday morning. My favourite track from the album is ‘Ruby‘. I found a very interesting pictorial article in The Guardian written by Jack which is well worth a read.

6. my favourite topping to have on toast is

100% Nutella. Or just plain slightly salted Lurpak butter. I like to keep things simple.

7. the most random thing I have ever watched on Netflix is

“Meet the Small Potatoes”. Don’t even ask.

8. biggest fashion faux pas was

Toss up between the shell suit I used to own which my father bought from Whittlesey market when I was 6 or 7, and the time I thought I would look super cool with electric blue braids, jeans with a wide enough leg you could conceal a small car and studded belts. I was going through an angsty ’emo’ phase.

9. my fifteen minutes of fame was on

The Weakest Link. When I was 21!

If you find yourself with a spare 30 minutes you can watch the episode in full right here! I very nearly got on Come Dine With Me, and I won’t rest until the producers finally say ‘yes’ to me.


(That woman in the purple jumper, not me!)

10. my proudest achievement was

Climbing Ben Nevis at midnight. I did it at midnight for a charity challenge on behalf of Alzheimer’s Research not long after I lost my grandad.

11. my most adventurous holiday was

April 2017 when I travelled solo for the first time. I went to Cuba and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Sitting in a bar in Trinidad, drinking mojitos and being asked by locals to dance along to the live music long into the night. Very happy memories! Although Sri Lanka was also very adventurous, and you can read all about it here!

12. a scary moment for me was when

I ended up on a street in Vancouver’s China Town that tourists are definitely not supposed to wander into! Never felt quite so out of place and vulnerable in my life.

13. a weird thing I used to do as a kid was

sit on the kitchen floor and put my head in the glass window of the washing machine while it was on spin. I used to like the vibrations – it was like having a head massage! What it most likely did, in reality, was kill off a few brain cells!

14. my specialist subject on MasterMind would be

Disney movies 1989 – 1999.

15. my ice cream preference is

Pistachio. Every. Single. Time.

16. my biggest kitchen disaster was

when I attempted to make katsu curry from a Gordon Ramsay ‘asian flavours’ cookbook. The recipe called for what seemed like a worryingly large quantity of fish paste. It stank. I mean this stuff was rancid. It was so bad that the curry swiftly got re-named ‘cat shit curry’ (for that is what it smelt like), and in order to rid myself of it, the putrid liquid was poured into an empty Quality Street tin and sealed. I then walked into the town centre, looking for a public bin large enough to accommodate an entire tub of catshit curry and proceeded to go to the local pub for dinner. For the next two weeks, despite it being the bleak mid-winter, the house had to be fumigated by having all the doors and windows open whenever it was occupied. I haven’t cooked with fish paste from that Asian supermarket since.

18. my super power would be

The ability to turn invisible. Talking of superpowers, I have a medical anomaly which I think is sort of super. Technically, I have 3 kidneys, so that must mean I’m super-filtrated!

19. a word that describes me is