Mother’s Day Fun: Primrose Bakery

It seems like an age ago now, but Mother’s Day 2018 was a rather lovely day for all involved this year.

My sister and I had arranged a day out in London for my Mum, but trying to find something which she’d love is really challenging these days. Big foodie things are out of the question because my Mum eats off of a tea-plate so anything more than the portion of a starter is just wasted on her. And food waste is one of my biggest bug-bears.

So I came up with a plan which involved a lunch at Polpo, a small Venetian restaurant in the West End serving ‘tapas’ style Italian dishes, and a cupcake decorating class at Primrose Bakery.

Polpo was cosy and cool. I liked it. Service was efficient without feeling rushed. And the portion size for Mum was spot-on and meant that my sister Kate and I could order a couple of extra dishes if we wanted to without feeling like anyone had over-indulged or food had gone to waste.



A short walk from Polpo on Tavistock Street, we reached Primrose Bakery. It’s cute yellow exterior is unmissable. It’s retro interior, very cute indeed.

Primrose Bakery Exterior


Mum, excited for her cupcake masterclass!


Family photo
Love the neon signage
Cute little seating area for coffees, hot chocolates, milkshakes and cake!

I am 31. My sister is 33. My Mum is 57. We were first to arrive and don our Primrose Bakery aprons. The next two families to arrive were mine and my sister’s age with children under 10! Oh well…Kate and I are big kids so we rode it out.

The Cupcake Decorating Masterclass cost £45 per person and included 3 rounds of demonstrations and a chance to do your own thing. You came away with 4 large cupcakes, 4 mini cupcakes and 2 giant biscuits.

Our Pastry Chef was a lovely Australian lady called Bernadette. She showed us the ropes on swirling the cupcake frosting. I discovered I was far too cack-handed to perfect ‘the swirl’. Then we were shown how to do a flat icing technique to allow words to be piped onto the cake. Here I discovered my hidden talent for cursive writing with a piping bag and icing. Finally, we were allowed to freestyle on some giant love heart shaped cookies.

All the actual baked goods had been pre-made by the bakery in advance, so all we needed to do was make a mess.

It was great fun; and as you can tell by the look on my Mum’s face, she had a whale of a time too.

Now for your amusement. Here are the fruits of our labour…

My attempts at ‘swirling’

The look of concentration…
Mum’s biscuits. With an insane amount of icing and sprinkles.
Close up on the sprinkles! Count the calories…!
Kate getting involved in the piping




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