my philosophy

I like to think I'm pretty unique. Then again, doesn't everybody? I hate labels. I'm a Personal Assistant, or maybe you use the term Executive Assistant, I often just refers to myself as 'The General Dogsbody', but don't let that define me or my capabilities. However you want to badge it, I'm really good at getting stuff done!

Right now I'm on the look-out for new and exciting opportunities to help folks get stuff done. Folks like you, perhaps?

My philosophy is simple. Define what you really enjoy and find interesting. Define what it is you're super-fantastic at doing and where you gain fulfillment. My ultimate goal is to be able to combine some of the things I love, with the things I'm pretty good at.

I'm trying something new. I'm being brave, I'm being bold. This project aims to help me turn my dreams and goals into a reality.


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